Spectre – Day of the Dead Skull Mask

Timberland – Two Below Zero Prototype

Timberland was looking for ways to tease the release of their Holiday themed, Limited Edition boots in 22 stores across the United States. Taking the inspiration for the project (boots frozen in ice) I designed a display of resin “ice boots” sitting on a shard of ice. A proof of concept was created by molding a boot and casting it in clear resin. Production of all the final pieces was done by Frank Ippolito and his amazing crew at Thingergy, Inc and can be seen on the Timberland Two Below Zero website.

Big Daddy Roth Inspired Masks

Our mission was to get a group of Big Daddy Roth inspired monster masks completed for a group project to debut at a horror convention. Within 1 week we sculpted, molded and cast 9 latex masks.


A client was looking to do something different for his Halloween costume. We took a lifecast of his face and created an Ultra-Cal positive of it. From that we made a silicone mold and poured a direct copy of his face in Dragon-Skin silicone. The piece was painted and hair-punched to look as though his own face was torn off. The costume was completed when the client covered his face in bloody bandages and held the “torn” face in his hands.

Doctor Evazan

What good would making Ponda Baba be without also making his counter-part, Doctor Evazan? A life-cast was made and the facial prosthetics were sculpted directly onto the casting in white clay. The final piece was cast in Dragon-Skin silicone and painted and hair-punched.

Ponda Baba

One of my favorite characters from the original Star Wars started out as a personal project near and dear to my heart. I sculpted the head in white clay and molded in Ultra-Cal. It was cast in black latex and painted and hair-punched to give the final look of that guy who “doesn’t like you”.

Blue Snaggletooth – Kenner Action Figure

The client came to me asking to create a mask he could wear to Star Wars Celebration in Orlando, Florida depicting the ultra-rare, Kenner Blue Snaggletooth action figure. Using the actual figure for reference, it was sculpted using Monster Clay. The piece was molded in Ultra-Cal and cast in latex.

Cobra Commander Hooded Mask

Using a familiar technique for fabric masks, an under-mask face shield helps to better control the expression and appearance. A life-cast was done for the customer to ensure an exact fit. Once the sculpt was completed and molded, it was cast in urethane plastic. The customer then took the mask to a seamstress who glued and sewed the hood onto the mask completing the look.