Project Update: Molding the Emperor

  8.01.2018   News
  • Emperor is prepared for molding
  • Emperor is ready for molding
  • Brush-on mold for the Emperor
  • Completed silicone mold
  • Free Form Air Mother Mold

While assessing the molding process it quickly became evident that slicing the face off of the bust would be the easiest way to mold the prosthetic saving time and materials.

Timberland – Two Below Zero Prototype

  11.12.2017   News
  • Two Below Zero Prototype Ice Boot
  • Two Below Zero - Prototype Maquette
  • Two Below Zero Boot Display - Timberland
  • Two Below Zero - Store Window Display

Timberland was looking for ways to tease the release of their Holiday themed, Limited Edition boots in 22 stores across the United States. Taking the inspiration for the project (boots

Latest Project: Emperor Palpatine

  27.11.2017   News
  • Emperor Palpatine Sculpt
  • Emperor Palpatine Sculpt
  • Emperor Palpatine clay sculpt
  • Emperor Palpatine Screen Comparison
  • Emperor Palpatine sculpt
  • Emperor Palpatine details
  • Emperor Palpatine Details
  • Emperor Palpatine Sculpt

“Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen…” Work has been proceeding on the latest project, Emperor Palpatine from Return of the Jedi. Using the customer’s lifecast as the base for